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VVG Invested BusyWhale, the OTC Liquidity Aggregation Platform

Posted 2022-09-10

Vovega (“VVG”), the crypto trading whale, has announced an investment in BusyWhale, an OTC liquidity aggregation platform. VVG is the lead investor of the seed funding.

BusyWhale is an OTC community, with an advanced technology base and liquidity integration nature. Different from the matching engine in exchanges, BusyWhale implemented RFQ (Request For Quotation) protocol for trading activities. Its systematically planned modules could resolve many pain points in the crypto trading world, such as difficulties in block trades and exotic instruments (structured products, deveritives, etc.), wide spread in quotations, uncertainty in counterparty risks. BusyWhale will be developed to a regulated platform in the future. Its ecosystem also proposed several Defi and DAO projects.

The funding in this round amounted two million USD. Lead invested by VVG. As a performed trading team, VVG takes this strategic investment as a new OTC market adventure. VVG believes the investment will bring great synergy to its trading business. In turn, VVG is willing to leverage its software advantage in bringing more liquidities to BusyWhale platform, which could attract more trading teams in participating BusyWhale communities.