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[JP Morgan] Crypto-101 and the State of the CryptoMarkets

Posted 2022-11-16

The cryptomarkets had a big year in 2021 and we see likelihood for greater acceptance by mainstream investors and companies in 2022. Cryptocurrencies are technology and development continues to blossom driven by the scaling of (new) Layer-1 chains and the introduction and growth of Layer-2. The Ethereum merge is expected mid-2022, which will drive much greater energy efficiently, and we expect will position the ‘chain-of-chains’ for a significant boost to capacity, transaction speed and usability as we enter 2023. If 2021 was the year of the NFT, we see 2022 as possibly the year of the blockchain bridge (driving greater interoperability of various chains) or the year of financial tokenization. As such, we see the cryptocurrency markets as increasingly relevant to financial services.

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